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Redcharisma Border Collies

Image: My lot- June 2013

From left to right - Jordi, Rosa, Ceri, Roman, Reuben & Sadie

Image: snowtime! christmas 2010

I was given my first border collie as pet aged about 13, many years ago, and have not considered another breed since.

Brynne was a remarkable collie, bought from a local petshop, and very typical of your farm collie. Long coated, with wonderful speckles & "naughty spots" over her face & feet, she was my total companion for 13 years. We attended a local obedience class which she adored and throughout her life her job was to retrieve. As soon as you came through the door she fetched your slippers. The postman came & she fetched the letters - all done naturally, you rarely needed to ask!

Since then I have had numerous collies, all wonderful in their own way. I now am blessed with just 4, each with a totally different personality.

I love the puppies - apart from finding them new homes which I hate, as I would love to keep them all. I'm pleased & proud to say that all of my dogs have superb temperaments and are free from health problems. Offspring are doing well in the show ring, obedience and agility and make wonderful pets. One pup is also working sheep & cattle in Northampton so its good to know the herding instinct is still there as well.

The long term plan is to retire to the Shropshire Countryside with my dogs and simply enjoy them - I have now moved so more coutry and riverside walks here we come!

I hope you like the new website.

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