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Rosmarinus Ratafia - Sadie

Image: Sadie in the sunshine - May 09

Jakovall Truly Entranced JW x Rosmarinus Mulberry

 07/10/03  - 19/10/17
Hips 5:7
CL CEA & PRA Clear
Gonioscopy tested unaffected on 29th June 09

Sadie, my beautiful black tri girl was everything anyone would want in a collie - pretty, very loving, gentle, intelligent and - the icing on the cake -  produced six wonderful litters. Her puppies, as well as being much loved pets, have succeeded in the show ring, obedience, agility and working sheep & cattle. My special girl, however, had eyes only for Jordi, her real love. They were inseparable,  bless!!!
Sadly Sadie was given sleep this morning after a horrid week when she quietly just slipped away. At peace now with your man, and daughter Cer. Love you lots Sadiepotts. x

Image: Smiley face!

Image: Sadie on her favourite rug

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