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Rosmarinus Jaffa ( Jordi )

Magreena Largeto at Meisterwerk x Starfleet Barbie

DOB 24 / 04 /01  - 04 / 07 / 16

CEA Clear
CL Clear
Gonioscopy Tested - Unaffected
Hip Score 6:6

I had been looking for a new pup for many weeks before I heard about Jordi. My old girl Nina had died, leaving her daughter Jess totally distraught. She had never been left without another dog so I couldn't even go outside to the dustbin without her getting really distressed.

It was the time of the foot & mouth outbreak. I wanted a black & white or tri bitch & could find nothing. I then had a call directing me to Rosey Durrant who only had one pup left, a red / white dog. I went to see him and that was it!

Jordi is my big clown - thinks everyone loves him & would like a cuddle. As a pup he had a pink nose, was very fat & fluffy so looked like a teddy bear. Everyone stopped us, picked him up & gave him a hug.Unfortunately he still thinks this should be the case but at 25 kg he can flatten little people and then lick them to death! I have learnt!!

At about 18 months, over the easter weekend Jordi started to look very odd. I rushed him to the vets who confirmed he had lost a large percentage of his head & facial muscles. We thought the worst, some kind of autoimmune disease, but eventually it was confirmed as a neck injury. This put paid to his show career but to date has very few ill effects other than he cannot crunch hard bones - he just sucks them for hours!

He has sired some stunning pups, usually beautifully marked with long coats like himself. Without exception they have his wonderful temperament, and, as well as making superb pets, many are doing well in obedience, agility and the show ring.

At the wonderful age of 15 years and 2 months, sadly my beautiful boy was given sleep.

How do you decribe a dog who gave you everything. He was loyal, loving, funny and an absolute joy to own. I will miss him dreadfully. Rest in peace brown man with Ceri. 

Image: On the sofa

Image: Snowtime - January 09

Image: Jordi Posing

Image: A recent Jordi litter at 6 weeks - all nine of them!

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