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Redcharisma Mystic Topaz - Ceri

Rosmarinus The Werryman x Rosmarinus Ratafia

11/02/06 - 17/02/15

Until Ceri was born I had no real idea what a blue border collie was- but as blue tris go she is striking!. Fabulous rich tan colours really do show up against a shiny blue coat, making my little girl a stunner.

Probably my quietest dog at home, very affectionate, and adores Jordi. To date she has produced three super litters, the first with Jordi & then two with Roman.

Sadly Ceri went far to soon after developing a very aggressive mammary tumour. She will be very sadly missed- Ceri was the gentle one, very quiet, affectionate and unassuming. She idolised Jord, trailed him everywhere, constantly washing him- used to drive him nuts!

Image: Baby Ceri

Image: Ceri 14 weeks- note the "Jackovall" white nose from Granddad Khan


Image: Ceri, August 2013

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