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Jackscrofter Originalsin at Redcharisma - Rosa

Sorcerers Apprentice at Shepherdspal x Jackscrofter Greatglen Charamel

DOB 30/ 04/ 07

CEA Clear
CL Clear
Current eye test clear 27/04/09
Gonioscopy tested - unaffected

Baer hearing tested- normal

For some time I had wanted a Mollie pup from Chris Green, but preferably a blue tri dog. It was not to be - well not yet anyway- but I saw the photos of Mollie's new litter, only a few days old, and that was it. Rosa was booked straight away then at 8 weeks joined the gang.

From the beginning she was noisy and very demanding- and still is- barking & singing when she is happy or just wants your attention. From the beginning she attached herself to Jordi ( much to his disgust ) and decided to follow him day & night & sleep in his bed.

Rosa had a superb litter of puppies with Jordi - see "Fire Litter" page and this has been repeated with the fabulous "Sunshine" litter this June.

Size wise, Rosa is at the larger end of the standard for a bitch, with a fabulous long dark chocolate glossy coat. She has been lightly shown and has achieved some successes - because of her size it's a bit like Marmite, she's either loved or hated by the judges. To me she is just gorgeous. Judge for yourself:-

Image: Baby Rosa

Image: Baby Rosa

Image: Top of the Stairs

Image: Show girl

Image: Rosa in the sunshine

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