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Rosmarinus Jaffa ( Jordi) x Jackscrofter Originalsin (Rosa), born 14th May 2012

A super litter of three boys & two girls- all very nicely marked & dark red & white, more like Rosa than Jordi. Reuben is staying- he is the biggest, most laid back pup I have bred & is just gorgeous.

R. Maranello

R. Fiorano- Belle

R. Testarossa - Reuben

R. Spider - Moss

R. Barchetta - Scuto

Image: Belle - R. Fiorano

Image: Belle posing after puppy class

Image: Reuben- R. Testarossa

Image: Moss- R. Spider

 Moss lives with his new owners plus two other dogs in Huddersfield where works as a forester!

Image: Scuto- R. Barchetta

Image: Baby Primrose- R. Maranello

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