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FIRE LITTER 21.03.2009

Jordi x Rosa

Born 21.03.2009

R. Firelight   Tessie

R. Firebird    Tika

R. Fireburst   Archie

R. Fireflash    Bracken

R.Firestorm  Rocco

Image: Tassie aged 5

Image: Redcharisma Firelight - Tassie at 8 weeks - Sold

Tessie is doing really well at her obedience training with Martin Webster so I am hoping to see her in the ring next year. She was a very pretty pup & is now a gorgeous young lady.

Image: Tikka, now Ka at 5 months

Image: Redcharisma Firebird - Tikka at 8 weeks - sold

Ka is a very striking girl with a super temperament - look out for her on the agility circuit later this year where she will be competing with Dan Osborne

Image: The beautiful Archie

Image: Archie enjoying his agility

Archie is now succcessfully running at grade 5 agility and is at stud to approved bitches.

Image: Bracken

Image: Redcharisma Fireflash - Bracken at 8 weeks - sold

Bracken is enjoying himself in Powys where he lives with Meg, a very pretty blue tri merle. He is half way through his puppy training & is doing very well. Bracken has also been placed at two local dog shows but as well as being intelligent & beautiful is apparently very entertaining. Yes..... I know what you mean!

Image: Rocco at almost six months

Image: Redcharisma Firestorm - Rocco 8 weeks - sold

Rocco has just passed his KC bronze with distinction and is now going on to silver and gold before trying his paws at agility.

Apparently he would be the perfect dog if he didn't dig holes - now where have I heard that before!!!!

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