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Rosmarinus The Werryman  ( Darkie) x Rosmarinus Ratafia ( Sadie)

Born 11.02.06

R. Dark Diamond -Ciar

R.Mystic Topaz - Ceri

R. Majestic Mica- Mica

r. Smokey Saphire- Chase

R. Phantom Quartz - Barney

Image: Redcharisma Dark Diamond - Ciar at 8 months

Image: Redcharisma Mystic Topaz - My gorgeous Ceri

Image: Redcharisma Majestic Mica ( Mica)

Image: Redcharisma Phantom Quartz, Barney at 8 months

Sadly, at 8 months this is the last photo I have of Barney Bear. Unbeknown to me he was sold on by his owner and the last I heard he was working sheep & cattle somewhere in Northamptonshire. Despite many enquiries, I don't know his new owner. I would love to see him again, he was such a handsome boy, so if anyone can help please let me know. His colouring is so distinctive, surely somone knows him.

Image: Redcharisma Smokey Sapphire - Chase

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